Drags, collects and leaves

Well… there were some cross-dressing drunk men in town, collecting for charity. First off – don’t be drunk when collecting money for charity. Second off – have a collector’s badge when collecting money for charity. Third off – don’t try and start a fight with the people you’re trying to collect money off. I guess you can see where this is going now!

The first guy came into the pub and asked us if we wanted to give, and we politely declined and he moved on. The second guy came in and we explained that his mate had already been around, so he went off to find him.. Guy number 3 came in and was a little over-persistent – asked us if we wanted to give money and we declined and he tried to pursuade us that it was just a few pennies, but we still declined. So I asked him if he had an official collector’s badge, but he didn’t seem to. Then he kept asking for money. And this is where I made my mistake – I said “I was just thinking that I’m much more likely to give to someone that’s not drunk” (the guy was slurring his words and had a bottle of beer in his hand and was obviously not sober!). He seemed to take offence at this comment and asked me to repeat it. It was then that I realised this guy wasn’t going to go away too easily, so I just started saying
“leave it” and “just go away” and the like. He persisted to ask me what
I had said, but I wasn’t going to repeat it as I don’t think it would have helped the situation. He then started to threated me, calling me various names and asking me to meet him outside for a fight. I obviously declined, and continued to ask him to leave me alone. The barman did come over and tell him to leave me alone, so he went away for a bit, but then came back and pestered me more… and eventually left me alone, after having tried to make a couple of jokes and a couple more threats of violence. Don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted to take on a fight before – he was meant to be collecting for charity, and that’s such a wrong thing to do! (Not the collecting for charity, but harassing people when doing so).

Anyway, he didn’t wait for me outside, so all was well… and here I am safe and sound at home. Time for bed. Night night!

Author: Alex

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3 thoughts on “Drags, collects and leaves”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having fun! At least they didn’t wait for you outside! Would have been interesting though…

    Anyway… glad to hear life is treating you well.

    We must catch up soon! (as we always say!)

  2. I’m just so impressed! Just been puzzling over the title of this blog and realised that it refers to the book of the year. Will anyone else realise?

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