(Sevenoaks) Home again

Well, I safely arrived at my parents’ in Sevenoaks (a.k.a. “home home” or “Sevenoaks home”) about 5.45pm, and then had some dinner, did some bits and pieces, played Mah Jong for about 4 hours and here I am, having sent a couple of emails and about to head off to bed.

This is mainly for those people who might be in Sevenoaks this weekend – if you are around and would like to see me, then I’m sure I’d like to see you! Give me a call/text/email/comment and we’ll sort something out. At the mo, I think I know I’m seeing Oli, maybe Nick and almost certainly not Kate (again!). Apart from that, I dunno. Should text people, but it’s a bit late at night for that now. Mental note: do that tomorrow.

Had a really nice time with Lizzy the past day or so, just spending time together, watching a film, some TV, having a meal… all sorts. It’s all fun & good with her 🙂 She met my sister, Katie, today and they seemed to get along pretty well, not that that surprised me as they’re both pretty likeable people! I think Lizzy gets my sister’s initial seal of approval… although I don’t have that in writing just yet, so that’s unofficial. In about 2 hours we’ll have been together a staggering 27 days… feels a lot longer… in a good way!

Anyway, it’s gone 2am, so I should really be in bed, shouldn’t I? Yeah, so that’s where I’ll head. Hope to see some of you really soon, some in a little bit and some when we reach heaven (not that I don’t want to see you before!)… hehe.

Ah well, bed, yes… NIGHT!

Author: Alex

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