Lizzy & Glastonbury

Well… I managed to get a ticket to Glastonbury on Thursday night. This was because Lizzy was getting tickets to go and I figured it’d be cool to go. I managed to get one through the website after hours of trying, but not too many hours mind you. Just got the one, since Lizzy was getting one through someone else.

Guess what? She didn’t get one. Not her fault, but they just couldn’t get through, despite trying all hours of the day and night on Thursday / Friday. She finally got through at about 7pm on Friday just to be told they’d sold out. So now I’ve got a ticket to Glastonbury and no-one to go with! Hmm. They’re non-transferable too, so I can’t sell it on (has my name and address on it)… wonder if I can get a refund…

Anyway, on the brighter side of things, Lizzy returned from holiday and picked me up from work (in my attractive hot and sweaty post-football state) and we came back to mine for an evening of food, mah jong (heh, had to teach her and Jim how to play. Was good, but it wasn’t awesome or owt) and then some snuggling on the sofa 😉 She finally went home about 3am.

Then she came back again about 1pm (so I had pretty much just slept since she left) for some lunch. Then we got a film out to watch (nothing we fancied seeing at the cinema that was on at the right time). It was The Unsaid, which was really good actually (Lizzy loves all the psychological films, cos it’s partly her line of work… and I like all that too. Must get her to watch Magnolia, that’s really good and disturbing, just like she likes them!). Then in the evening we went out for a meal at Santa Fe, and, as you’ll see if you visit that link, I wasn’t too impressed with the food, but being there with Lizzy made it great 😀 </cheese>. Then we went back to hers, where I stayed the night. No, nothing like that. I stayed in her housemate’s bed. Erm, no, nothing like that. Her housemate wasn’t in! It just made sense instead of me having to get a taxi back just to have Lizzy come pick me up in the morning.

Then this morning we came to mine (so I could shower and change…) and then went to church, picking up a friend of Lizzy’s on the way. Church was good, they played a couple of my favourites in the sung worship time (“Blessed Be Your Name” and “Turn It All Down” for those of you “in the know”), which made it special. Also the talk was good – Owen talked about true peace only coming from God, but also the acknowledgement that we were all unpeaceful (is that a word?) at one time, so we should be sympathetic and not critical. All good. Caught up with a couple of people after, found out a couple of people can’t come to Nathan’s stag do, boasted about my girlfriend to Andy Kitchen and then left 🙂

Lizzy and I went to The Nurseryman for lunch, which was nice (again, read my review in the link) and not too expensive. Had burger and chips, YUM! Finished it off with some peach ice-cream to share with Lizzy. Then it was home for an hour before Lizzy had to leave to go home for the week 🙁

All is good here, just chilling, feeling a bit knackered, or I might be a bit ill, not sure… might be both. Early night should help either.

Wow, that entry took me a flipping long time to write… but it’s done now.

This week’s things to do:
— Suit fitting (for Nathan’s wedding which is now less than 5 weeks away)
— Buy a fuse (for the lights in the house — it’s a non-standard size one, so is proving a challenge. Yes, we’ve been lightless downstairs for a couple of weeks!)
— Sort out Nathan’s stag do (paintballing mainly, once I have numbers I can book… could be a while before Nathan gets his act together with those though)
— Pop into school (to print some stuff I forgot to at the end of last week so I can do the following…)
— GCSE coursework marking.
— PGCE essay
— plan who I’m going to see when I go home and how and when…

That’ll do for now.


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