Ah man

Well, just had a call from Lizzy. She was involved in a 6–car crash on her way home. She’s ok, a bit shaken up and has whiplash and all that. Her car’s a write–off, but everyone seems to have walked away in one piece, except one girl who was on a stretcher, but Lizzy said was OK. I just wanna go get a train to be with her there now, but she said her dad was on his way and stuff, so by the time I got a train (it is a Sunday after all), they would probably have left. 🙁 She’s in the A&E in Grantham.

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  1. Nasty… I’ve been in car accidents, and suffered the whiplash, and all that (didn’t help that I was the one on the bike). Glad everyone’s ok.

    Came close to witnessing another today, too… a car pulling of the clearly wrong side of the road onto a roundabout the wrong way… I heard a crump but by that time the car I was in was driving away and couldn’t see it clearly. Don’t know if it was a genuine accident or not, but if it was… someone had better learn to tell their left from their right.

    Anyway. Glad things are relatively good (except that neither you nor Lizzy have a car now, so how will you cope?)

    On a separate note, reading other entries… Nathan’s getting married in five weeks? Scary.

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