Well, my mum’s been at the complaining thing again. She doesn’t do it too often these days, so I guess I’ll forgive her JUST THIS ONCE! I think she thought my previous blog entry was feeble and lacking in detail. Well the news is that Lizzy is in The Gambia, so I HAVE NO LIFE… hehe. No, I do. So here’s what my life consists of…

Saturday: get up, doss, watch rugby, go to Jim’s, watch rugby, eat pizza, watch TV, come home, doss, go to bed.
Sunday: get up, doss, go shopping, go to Martin’s, watch football, come home, go to church, get sausage and chips on the way home, eat, doss, bed.
Monday: get up early, do some vague exercise, go to school, teach a bit, doss a bit, come home, doss, eat, drink beer, do job application, sleep.
Tuesday: get up early, do some vague exercise, go to school, teach a bit, doss a bit, come home, phone some people, write a blog entry…

Sounds thrilling doesn’t it? But it’s been alright. I was negative about teaching all weekend again, but once more, when I’ve got back into actually doing it and not just being scared about the long-term implications and all, it’s pretty alright really. Probably the most positive I’ve been about teaching in quite some time right now.

Of course, this has NOTHING to do with the fact that it’s a lovely day – all sunny and stuff – today. Nothing at all. Oh, and I’m wearing shorts to celebrate the first signs of summer on the horizon 😀

I love summer.

Tonight I have Navs people coming round, then I have more work to do… but not until the sun’s gone 🙂 The sun is my friend.

Hope that satisfies your blogappetite mother dearest.

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3 thoughts on “Complaints”

  1. Thankyou! Especially the upbeat way you’re talking about teaching – but I think I DO understand the underlying concern, so don’t think I’m now imagining you as a headteacher in the future!
    What’s this vague exercise you’re on about?

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