Signs from the sky!

OK, the title sounds dramatic, but this entry is pretty dramatic… so hold onto your seat belts as we delve into the mysterious world that is the third division…

So today was Northampton Town vs Huddersfield Town, so Josh and I were off down to Northampton to watch the game. We arrived, had a Burger King, got into the ground and settled down. We threw some newspaper around (that I’d torn up carefully in the car on the way down) as the game began…

4 mins in and a great through ball by Sodje put their No 9 through on goal in a load of space, and they made it 1-0. Oh, Sodje is our central defender… so he wasn’t meant to do that. We banged the ball around a bit, mainly losing possession and not really doing much with it, especially because of how windy it was…

And that brings me on to the interesting part of this story the wind. It was quite obviously very windy today and the Northampton ground seems to be located in a rather large flat expanse, making the winds all the stronger. It didn’t stop the game, but made it interesting in places. Then, after about 35 mins, we heard a funny noise, like metal on metal from above us – the roof of the stand. I didn’t think much of it, but then it happened again a minute later, and it soon became apparent that one of the advertising boards that was attached to the front of the stand about 3m above our heads had worked itself loose and was looking like blowing off. So after a bit of pondering, the stewards decided to move the front couple of rows out of the way. Alas, they delayed too long and as they were moving, the sign (a large 2m by 0.8m sheet of metal) fell down, hitting one of the supporters cleanly on the shoulder. I don’t think she was hrt too badly, but it was shocking to see it. So the stewards moved a few more people out the way, but we soon became aware that other adverts might do the same (ATTACK OF THE KILLER ADVERTS!!!).

Anyway, they stopped the game soon after this all happened, and then a few minutes later, they abandoned the game because of the safety risk. So off we came back home, not too annoyed really, for us it was only an hour away and we were losing and not playing well, so it wasn’t a big deal. Imagine there were a fair few annoyed supporters from both sides tho… more from theirs… with the people that built their shoddy stadium!

So that was that. Oh and I just went to see Starsky & Hutch (the 2004 version). It was pretty good, amusing and light-hearted, £3.25 well spent (ahh, student prices).

So now, TO BED! I think.

Author: Alex

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