Well Lizzy came round last night, and from a selection of films (none were that girly, but some had more of a romantic emphasis) she chose Léon, which is pretty impressive really 😀 Maybe she was just doing to impress me, I dunno. Anyway, she stayed til 1am, but I feel surprisingly good today considering…

Today is a good day, despite two things:
i) I got to the end of the road today to see the bus passing. It was indicating to stop, so I ran as fast as my little legs would carry me towards the bus stop and just as I got level with the back of the bus… yes… it pulled away, despite my frantik baboon-like arm-waving. Ah well, was only 10 mins to the next one, I sang happily to myself.
ii) My water bottle came open in my bag, making the edge of everything in the bag rather wet. So of course it got my laptop 🙁 The screen isn’t working on it anymore! BOO HOO! I’m kinda hoping it’ll just dry out and start working again, but I don’t hold out too much hope. I wonder if I can claim that sort of thing on my home insurance… or is that complex cos it happened at work? I dunno.

Anyway, had a fun morning, because 2/3 of the school seem to be out rehearsing for prize-giving tonight, so my year 8 classes were 6 people and 8 people! So I had to make up a lesson on the spot… which I’m pretty used to doing, although it was OK to do so this time! I think it went quite well in fact, even though it came over a bit muddled. So that was fun 😀

This arvo I’ve got a year 13 lesson, which is a repeat of one I did on Monday, so should have a look through that, but no big rush. In fact I’m going to go to lunch now, since I have a meeting for the last half hour of lunch. I’ll look at the lesson later. No lessons to teach Monday or Tuesday… just need to look at the new Year 9 material for Weds sometime… that could be interesting.


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2 thoughts on “Impressive”

  1. Yes, house insurance should cover something like that – happened on way to work, which is in your own time. Even if it were at work, it is still your goodies from your house, so should be covered. But what the excess is I don’t know…….
    Hope this is an academic question tho, cos you really want it to dry out and work. PLEASE!


  2. Oi Mr Sexist – what is weird about a girl choosing to watch “Leon”?! Why would it be to impress you?! Perhaps she really likes it – I personally think it’s a fantastic film… Mind you, I do like a good chick flick too! 😉

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