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Well, now the dust has settled over my mammoth 64-commented blog entry, I feel it’s about time to add a new entry. However, I doubt very much that this will fuel such a debate, since it’s just about what I’ve been up to… but maybe you have some moral/religious/ethical/logical/illogical stance against what I’ve been up to… who knows? We shall see.

Well, I’ve been up to stuff. More specifically, tonight, I went out for dinner with a nice young lady 🙂 (Yes, I’m deliberately not mentioning her name, cos I haven’t asked her permission to put this on here, so maybe I’ll add it if she says I can) We went to Zizzi in town for 7pm and got a table after about 15 mins wait. We talked about lots of things – quite a lot about work for both of us, then about our lives up til now (“What would there be in a book of your life so far?” was a good question.) and moved on towards the end into talking about past relationships and thoughts on relationships in general. And then suddenly it was 11.45… oh, we had some food in there too – I had pizza, she had pasta, I had banana chocolate thingy, she had apple crumble-type thing, I had coffee, she had tea. Oh and drinks – beer and wine for me and her respectively. So yeah, nearly 5 hours of talking and only a couple of lulls… I had a really good time.

However I think the coffee may have been high caffeine as I’m still awake despite having been in bed for an hour already. Thought I’d come share with the world about my night and then see if sleeping was easier. We shall see.

That is all. Contentious?

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