Last night I got a text from someone on my course asking if the school I applied to had rung me, because they had rung her and another girl on the course. I started panicking because I was quite keen on the job and didn’t think my application was THAT bad.

I mentioned this to Rob and he said that someone had called, asking for me by my full name (i.e. wasn’t a friend) during the day but had declined to leave a message. So then I was left pondering if that could have been the school (yes, I’m deliberately omitting the name, because I don’t want people turning up the school and seeing my blog really, but here’s a link to the BBC’s page on the school). And so I resolved to ring them this morning just to make sure they’d got my application form and to check if they’d tried to ring me.

So I woke up this morning, looked up the phone number and got on with getting up, planning to ring them as I walked to the bus. But then I got a call from the head of department (who initially asked for Ian Walker, oops) asking if I’d like to go in for an interview on Friday. I said no. Hehe, no, of course I said yes. And then I couldn’t finish my breakfast cos I suddenly got really nervous about it.

And now here I am at school. Best do some work I suppose.

Author: Alex

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