Lizzy says

Lizzy says that if you eat too many bananas then you can die.

If you are attempting to kill someone else by banana consumption, then you should probably aim to feed them about 2 dozen bananas. In one day. Banana milkshake for breakfast (get 3 in there), one for lunch (3 more) and then a full-size dinner: sun-dried bananas for starter (2), fried banana fritters (3), served on a bed of grated banana (2) with a banana sauce and garnish (2), then for the lovely desert you’ll have banana ice cream (2) on a banana sponge pudding (2). To polish off the meal, you should have an after-dinner banana mint (1) with your banana coffee (1). Then just before bed, have some warmed up banana-cocoa (2). And to make sure they’ve had their fruit intake for the day, best have a banana (1).

Should be easy. I might try it on Lizzy, see if she notices.

[P.S. this was entry 300!!! in 23 months, that’s not too bad I guess, about 1 every 2 days on average or thereabouts]

Author: Alex

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  1. Well, she’s a nurse, and she says that she has worked in a place where a guy died of eating too many bananas in one day. I believe his final (oh, so very final) total was 23…

  2. Yeah I heard it from an independent source, although they rated it at more like 30 bananas. Lizzie was perhaps being cautious in case Alex tried it on her, so she’d only actually take just over 2/3s of a lethal dose.

    Too much potassium and you a) poo banana alot and b) have a heart attack.

  3. What happens if you eat loads of bananas and then drink some vinegar? Do you get a funky reaction going on like in GCSE chemistry where the potassium starts fizzing lots and stuff? Actually, why doesn’t it do that anyway, what with stomach acid ‘n’ all? 🙂

  4. Well I did hear a story about bananas and coke. The idea is you make 2 (or more) people race to eat a banana and then drink a can of coke. The thing is the coke & banana react and they end up hurling it all back up again – nice!

    Oh, don’t try this at home – preferably in a field or something!

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