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As you’ve no doubt noticed, the layout has changed here quite a bit. I’m still not quite done yet, need to decide if I like it and then if I do, edit the other templates (leaving comments etc) and finish everything off.

So for starters, I’d like feedback, so please do leave a comment! (Even if the form is a bit messy right now). Do you like the layout? How could it be improved? Do you prefer this layout? What do you think of the colour scheme?

For those of you that are interested in the technical side to the changes, please read More…

Well, the main reason I’ve changed things is because I was bored of the old thing. So what’s changed under the hood?
– I’ve redone the CSS completely from the basic MT one, using the nifty three column model as you can see.
– I’ve made it all XHTML 1.1 compliant.

Pretty much there’s only been 2 issues (well, if you discount IE’s):
– That XHTML 1.1 doesn’t allow the syntax <a name=”foo” />, but instead likes <a id=”foo” />, which performs the same purpose. Seems to make sense to me. The only tricky bit is that an id can’t begin with a number, and since MT uses numericals for its names/ids then you have to adapt that to make it valid. (I’ve just appended an e on the begging…).
– The second is related to that in a way. In that firebird & firefox cannot cope with <a id=”foo” /> and so if there’s a style applied to a:hover in the CSS, then it applies it to pretty much everything. I had a:hover { text–decoration: underline; }, and when you moved your mouse over any of the text it got underlined. Solution – remove that line of CSS, didn’t really need the underlining anyway. Still, surely it should be able to cope with that OK? My page comes up as valid XHTML 1.1, so I’m figuring I’ve not borken a standard somewhere, but it is possible.

I think that’s it for now.

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  1. i like it too. i really like your new logo. it’s funky. i think the blog looks more ordered than the last one too.

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