Training Day 2

Having been to a conference today on FLOSSIE (Free / Libre Open Source Software in Education) I figured I should really write the remainder of this in So here I am. It doesn’t seem to scary, just haven’t used it in a while. It has this weird predictable text thingy – where it suggests words as you type and you just press enter to make it come up. Interestingly I think it learns and you type, so a word it didn’t recognise earlier, it just suggested for another word just then. Weird. Anyway. My thoughts.

The conference was good. It was great to have the top guy from BECTA there, since they have quite a bit of clout with the government (I think). He’s well behind using FLOSS in education. Most people there seemed realistic about what could be done with FLOSS – that it would always run along side proprietry systems, since it’s all about choice and pupils should learn about different products. I guess it’s just that schools shouldn’t have to license Windows and Office for all their machines. A lot of talk was made of, which is pretty good, although as a thing to use distributed, I don’t think it’s very efficient, but then I’m not really a techie. Anyway, one cool thing was that a guy asked people to say if they were willing to financially back an initiative to write a form–based frontend for – meaning it could provide an alternative to MS Access. Looks like he got a crowd of people saying they would be willing to contribute towards the £10,000 he was looking for to fund it. Cool eh?

Well I just wrote some personaly stuff, I don’t think I’ll publish that tho – might let a few too many secrets out. Yes, that’s right, I have secrets from my readers. I don’t publish EVERYTHING on here. Mainly because it affects other people really, otherwise I wouldn’t care – my thoughts, feelings and actions are not usually too hidden… I hope. Anyway, my eyes are tired.

Well, I’ve had a bit of a dove, and no doubt I’ll have another in a bit. Just thought I should say what else I’ve been up to tonight… and last night too.

Well, last night I arrived at St P’s and met Simon and Rob (not the Rob that lives with me) who were waiting as I got off the train. The decision was made to go to Browns near Leicester Square for food. I had a lovely pasta and spicy beef thing with lots of garlic bread. Yum. Oh, and they had Erdinger Weissbach (sp?) so I had a couple of those 🙂

Then we headed back to Rob’s flat in Docklands to watch some odd TV (BBC Three) and then to bed. I had a pretty decent sofa to sleep on, so I got a half–decent night’s sleep.

Got up this morning and travelled into town with Simon, who was heading just one tube stop further than I was, so that was handy. Went to the conferece, as you’ve already heard, which finished about 4.30 I think. Rang my mum, to wish her a happy birthday and stuff. Then meandered to Pret for a coffee, having arranged to meet Simoin again about an hour later. I had a look at the application form for the school I’m going to apply to and went through their job spec and school info and highlighted the bits that seemed to be important for me to include in my cover letter for the application.

Then I got the tube and met Simon, and we got the tube to Leicester Square to go to The Porterhouse, where I stood a bit taken aback at the sheer quantity of different beers, lagers and ales on offer. I kept Simon waiting as I marvelled at the selection. I settled for the Porterhouse Red, which was luvverly – a good choice for a first guess I thought! We were joined there by Will and, erm, wassisname – Darren? Oops. I should know that. And then Rob turned up a little after. A couple of hours (seemingly) later Andy (aka cpufreak) came as well, so we had a crowd. We soon headed off to Wagamama for food. I couldn’t resist the Chilli Chicken Ramen – my favourite Wagamama dish, although I was tempted by the Ginger Chicken Udon, which was one of their seasonal specials. Andy left after we ate, as he’d been up early and needed to get home, although we all suspect he went back to Redbus as he seems addicted to the place! (Apparently he’s made 23 visits there in February so far! And he doesn’t live close at all!)

Then it was off to a bar. A gay bar. Interesting. I should mention that I was the only non–homosexual or bi–sexual guy there (would that have been easier just to say I was the only heterosexual guy?), so I did feel a little odd about it. But hey, I’m always up for going new places and meeting new people, so off we went. It was a nice place, and I chatted quite a bit to a couple of the guys, but I apparently (according to Oli, another of Simon’s friends) looked rather uncomfortable. I think that was more down to not really knowing the people and being able to take part in the conversation than anything else. But hey, I still had fun, even if it didn’t look like I did. Simon left quite early, so I stayed there until just after 11, when I said my goodbyes and headed off to Charing Cross to get the tube to St Pancras to get on my train.

Found my train no probs, got on it, nice seat. However it’s right near the loo. Not a big deal really, but alas the loo is broken, or someone’s been in there for the entirety of the journey so far. So I keep having to tell people thaty it’s not working. I did just tell a guy it was broken, but he seems to have ignored me and is now sat next to me looking at the loo door expectantly. Ah well, I did my best. Let’s just hope he doesn’t wet himself! Hmm, 01.11. 1h01m to go…

Eek! My mobile phone battery just ran out as I was texting Jim. I wonder if it got through. I won’t get the reply anyway. Hope he’s gonna be ther when I get there! It must have been saying low battery, but it was on vibrate in my pocket so I didn’t feel it. Ah well, at least I have my laptop with numbers on it, so I can look it up on here and ring from a payphone if need be. Best not let this battery run down too! Good job I have my laptop to keep me company, otherwise I’d not have my communication outlet. Phew! Time for more sleep I think. Oh, I’m currently listening to Trent Vineyard – Turn It All Down, from the album Hold On. Mmm, good song, good album. I listened to U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind earlier – another goody. Mmm rest.

Ok, didn’t rest much. Just wanted to say that the guy sat looking at the loo now knows for sure that it’s not working – I explained very clearly to another guy. So he must know, he just wants somewhere to sit I guess. Still have my suspicions he might wet himself tho.

Woah. Music just went from quiety softy one to loudy jumpy one. I should dance, yes. 😀

Kettering! That’s where John lives, from my course. Interesting eh? 50 mins to go Need–the–loo–bloke has just stood up and I suspected he was going to take a piss out of the train door! But no, he’s just stood up by them. Must be horrid if he really needs the loo. Maybe he’s just had a couple too many to drink and needed some fresh air. Another guy just came needing the loo – how come it’s always men? Anyway, that makes about a dozen I reckon – what a public service I’m doing – I should get a free ticket for this!

EEK! I’ve almost written 6 complete pages. Ah, I do ramble don’t I? A natural blogger. Oh, did you notice? That term’s caught on! I thought it would after the Bagdad Blogger didn’t I? (see previous entry) Maybe that’s not why, but most people now seem to know what one is. That’s quite cool, but I know the term pisses some people off. Well tough. I don’t particularly like it either, but I think it’s here to stay.

Note to self: Remember to ring Morgan Auctions and see if they can give you a spare power cable for your laptop – they must have one as you’ve sent 2 broken laptops back with perfectly good power cables… Oh, and look into cost of another 128M RAM, since there seems to be a slot for it. And also add to you idea – different types of contact (business, personal, family, close, distant, basic etc – customisable of course!)

(Location: Market Harborough, Music: Semisonic – Closing Time, from Feeling Strangely Fine)

Just passed Leicester, and according to the sign we’re about 5 mins late. Not too bad I spose. Saving battery on laptop now, closing lid, writing less. It says 23 mins left, which SHOULD just last 🙂
Time to turn lappy off in case I need it at the other end… byeeeeee

I’m home! YAY, Jim was waiting for me and stuff. He even had sweeeeeties!

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