Training Day 1

I guess I’m worse at entertaining my self than I thought. I sat on the train and the first thing I did was to get my laptop out. But it’ll be interesting – how fun do I find computer when they’re not connected to the internet? Ah well, this might be interesting, but it equally might not be. Sorry if I publish this and it bores you.

Turned my laptop on, loaded iTunes and it played Hysteria by Muse? my favourite song off my favourite album – WOO!

The train is due to leave in 3 minutes and it’s filling up? in fact, I’d best put my bag up on the rack? oh no not just yet.

Ah, the joys – 3 12-year olds just walked past in their caps and shell suits jackets and calling each other “twats”. Ahh, it’s a nice world isn’t it? Chavs rule OK. (see

Now, best put my bag up. OK done. Wow, bet you find this amusing.

Well.. I make it time to leave

I can’t believe that we’re running so late! Ooh, I have someone sitting next to me now? wonder if she’ll read this, hehe.

No, she’s reading her paper? Oh, I forgot to say, I’m listening to my music on my headphones, not through my laptop speakers? that would be bad, but maybe amusing

OK, bored of writing this now, I think I’ll look for something else to do. Should have downloaded some web pages to look at on here or something. Maybe I can find something productive to do anyway. Boy it’s hot on here? but hey, at least I have a seat – we’re full now

We’re on the move! I dunno, there’s something about Nottingham that means that when we leave the station I always think we’re going the wrong way! I do it every time I get the train from here? although that’s been a while. Anyway, gonna do something else, maybe sleep  Mmm, hot. Jumper off.

Apparently we left late because there was a matter requiring police attention. It wasn’t me, honest. I’m currently loading up my mp3s in WMP, to see if it uses less processor than iTunes – 50% for playing mp3s is a bit much if you ask me.

I had a brief doze, but now I’m fiddling with The Sword Project stuff on my laptop (that’s the free Bible software for the majority of you who won’t have a clue). But the real reason I’m writing is that I just spotted some Burberry  it’s a hat and it’s worn by a guy about my age probably? ahh, gotta love Burberry.

The sign at Leicester station said this was the 1800 to St Pancras? fine. It also said it was running on time. The clock next to it begged to differ – it said it was 1805. Now I’m sounding like I’m annoyed about being 5 mins late. I’m not, just making comments. My neighbour in seats got off at Leicester. I think she didn’t like me writing about her. Oh well, she’s not going to be famous. Trains are quite good though, they’re pretty smooth these days, and I have a reserved seat, with a fold-down tray in front, which makes it good for my laptop, although if it were much bigger it’d be quite awkward because to get the screen at the right angle, you have to pull it quite a way forwards. Sorry, that’s still pretty dull. Back to sleep Alex.

Did I mention how much I love Muse?

Heh, just spotted I had an entry at 18.12, just like the overture.

Moved on to Quench.. all out of Muse?

I find it really interesting – looking at how other people look at eachother. One girl just stared at this guy for ages, looking rather confused. OK, so granted I stared at her, observing her expressions. I wonder what the guy with his PDA is reading? I wonder what the other guy with his laptop is doing. Maybe I should go to the loo and spy on them. It’s my sad little train life.

Will be there soon. Been fiddling with perl things? hacking on the train? oh dear. But now my eyes hurt and I feel odd, so I’m gonna close the lid and my eyes and just listen to moosic for a bit.

If you always do what you’ve always done
And if you always sing what you’ve always sung,
Then you’ll always get what you’ve always had.
If you always go where you’ve always been,
You’ll always see what you’ve always seen,
And you’ll always be who you always are
It’s time for change
Can’t live like this no more?

From Quench’s “Time for Change” Based on a quote from a philosopher, not sure which off the top of my head. I like them – stating the obvious in a thought-provoking way.

Almost there I assume. Was meant to get in 2 mins ago and we’re running 5 mins late, so my A-Level maths tells me that we’ll get in in about 3 minutes. I think. Yes, that’s right. So here endeth the brain splurge for today. You might get another tomorrow if you’re lucky.

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