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Right, yes, it’s been a while… [insert usual apologies and hollow promises to do better here]…

Ok, so some vaguely interesting things have happened in the past week… I’ll just give you the highlights…

Thursday was my last day on placement before half term. I stayed late to help at the after-school computer session, and some of the female teachers were off for a girly evening in town, so I got a lift back with one of them after (back home, not back to the girly place). I realised just as we were getting home that I’d left my bag at school. Now, that sounds stupid doesn’t it? How could I leave without my bag? Well, I take 2 bags to school – my rucksack and my around-school, smart bag. I keep my packed lunch, wallet, keys, phone, umbrella etc in my rucksack during the day and use my other one for all my school stuff. When I’m walking/getting the bus, I put the smart one in the rucksack for easy carrying. So, guess which bag I left at school? Yes, that’s right, my rucksack… with, most importantly, my keys, wallet and phone in.

So I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, and that I’d just have to go into school on Friday and pick them up. But when I got back to the house, despite Rob’s car being out front, there was no reply when I rang the doorbell. I rang it pretty frantically. So I realised I wasn’t going to get in, and started walking up to Jim’s since he had keys and was also the nearest available warm place to be (although I did have my new warm jacket on, so it wasn’t bad at all). At Jim’s I saw that Rob was online and we soon discovered he was actually in the house all along, just with his door shut and music on…

Anyway, he made up for it by giving me a lift to school to pick the stuff up the next day… so he’s lovely really.

That’s one thing.

The other thing I won’t go into detail about here, just cos it’s quite private, if you want to know more, then email me or something.
Basically, I asked a girl out, and she declined. But it’s not a big deal really, we’re still friends, and her reasons were good. No pity required… well, not much.

So that’s about it. Satisfied? Hope so.

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