Yes, I made it. And I’m alive. It really like the school I’m in, it has a good feel, and the ICT staff seem keen, knowledgable and good at their jobs (no, I don’t think they’re reading, so it’s not just for their benefit I’m saying that). Also they don’t teach too much Key Stage 3 stuff, which, whilst maybe not ideal, is nice, because that can be a bit tedious. They also have more A-Level classes than my last school, and that’s the interesting stuff to teach really.

Anyway, dunno if there’ll be a job there next year… could see myself working there tho.

Have tomorrow off, so will be sleeping a bit, and making sure I’m up to date with course stuff (which probably entails at least 2 essays!). But for now it’s TV, IRC and blogging…

Author: Alex

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