Keep up the good work

Well, since people are appreciating this, I suppose I should keep writing. It’s quite a good outlet anyway. Just have to remember who’s reading and not talk about them too much 🙂

So… this weekend we went away to the peaks. Jolly nice it was too. Played a bit of PES3, a bit of real football (on the very slanted pitch with just 6 of us), some pool, table tennis and table football, watched a film, went to the fish and chip shop, went to the pub for a couple of pints and a quick whiskey… slept a bit… watched some real footy on telly… think that’s about it. Was all-in-all a good couple of days.

Got back about 4.30 today, re-laid the carpet on the landing, although it doesn’t seem to quite fit anymore, but it’ll do for now I guess… then it was off to church. Church was really good – baptism service with 13 people being “dunked”, which is always encouraging as you get to hear their testimonies. Went with Jim and Rabi, and saw Sam and Sarah who’d also been away with us for the weekend. Saw two Lizzys who I know… that’s about that.

Came home after church, arriving at exactly the same time as Rob (update your blog Rob). So we had some pasta and pesto for dinner as we settled down to watch Con Air… quite a giggle it is too. Rob knows it all too well tho… scary person that he is.

Anyway, I shall to bed now. Not sure if I have a lift in the morning or not yet, cos someone texted offering a lift and I replied enquiring about what time he’d get me, but have not received a reply yet… guess I set my alarm for 7 then.

Night night!

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