Don’t get too excited

Yes, I know it’s another entry, just don’t go getting your hopes too high. I am quite motivated to write again now since I discovered a few other people read my blog than I thought did. So that’s nice.

Anyway, last night Katie came over and we wrestled with her laptops – trying to get them to talk to eachother and encountering various problems including a dodgy USB port (for the Ethernet adaptor) and the good old XP won’t talk to ME problems. Those overcome, we struggled with Oulook Express for a while to transfer over old messages, but did eventually succeed.

Then we decided to cook something. Well. I decided that we should cook something. Katie doesn’t cook much, so I thought I’d force her to try something new. We decided on Pan-Fried Lamb on a Cous Cous Cake with Green Beans and a Mustard Sauce from the very good BBC recipe site. Not a great choice – should have read the instructions first really. Ah well, we went shopping and got the required bits and began cooking.

It turned out OK, ‘cept we weren’t sure about the cous cous thingy and whether “cooked cous cous” meant something other than adding water to it. Anyway, the mixture turned out pretty soggy and the “cakes” more like “pancakes”. The meat was lovely tho and the sauce nice, if a bit rich after a while (I mean, just cream and mustard?!). Anyway, didn’t feel like a success really, but it was OK. Won’t be doing it again I don’t think.

Anyway, about to be picked up to go to Bonsall for the remainder of the weekend, so I’d best go pack… 8 minutes to do so…

OH, and happy birthday Jon-man and Nick!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t get too excited”

  1. Well, you may not feel like that dinner was a success BUT it did inspire me to do more cooking at home and not eat ready meals all the time – you did me a big favour. So far, since then I have cooked chicken with noodles; meatballs with honey and mustard sauce; toad-in-the-tole with beans; and turkey and orange salad! Not a ready meal in sight! Are you proud of me?!

  2. Ah, yes, toad-in-the-tole; closely related to toad-in-the-hole only with my ‘unique’ touch!

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