Wearing off?

I’m getting worried
I’m writing diary entries less
Is it wearing off?
The novelty of sharing everything I do with the world?
Or is it merely a lull between periods of activity.

I don’t even know if my Mum checks this very often any more. Once upon a time I wrote an entry or two a day. Maybe my life just got too dull without me noticing it. Ah well… I’m here… I’ll write… not in the mood for sleeping just yet.

So, I’ll start with the car situation, since people do ask me about that a lot. I am surviving without a car, and intend to do so for a little while – until all the insurance stuff has sorted out. I’ve received a cheque for £2100, which is the value of the car less £400 excess. I also ended up paying a little over £700 for the hire car. So I at least need to wait until I have that £1100 back, so I can get the best car I can afford. If I wait long enough, I might be able to afford a Focus, as is my want. I see them around the place now and am growing to like them more and more.

However, right now, I have my sister’s car (only until tomorrow) to use. It’s a brand new Peugeot 206 with just a few thousand on the clock. It’s quite a different feel again to any other car that I’ve driven before, but once used to it, it’s a nice feel and for what I think is a 1.2 is pretty nippy. Controls are a little stiffer than the new Fiesta, so you feel a bit more in touch, but I don’t like the pedals being so close together – me and my big clumsy feet!

So, yes, Katie (sister) is here at the moment. Well not here, but in Nottingham. That’s because Nik (sister’s fiancé) is working on Grease at the Concert Hall in Nottingham, and she decided to pay us both a visit, which is nice. She also brought me a bike, 2 printers and a scanner, as well as bringing her 2 laptops for me to play with… just to transfer stuff over and the like.

So last night I made shepherd’s pie (well, cottage pie, whatever, it was PIE) for Rob, Steve, Katie and me and it turned out pretty well. Then I dropped Katie in town to meet Nik and headed home to play Shadows of Undrentide with Rob. And then late to bed.

Today went in for a uni briefing and then for lunch with Katie and Nik. Went to the Malt Cross in the centre of town, which is reeeeeally nice – a café/bar thingy. Good food, good atmosphere… all good. Then it was off to see Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King for the second time with Katie and Nik. Well, the first time with them, but the second time for me… if you get what I mean. Really really enjoyed it again this time round – I can’t wait to see it again, with all special features and everything… YUM YUM! Need to arrange a weekend in November to do a LotR weekender and watch all the extended films and as many special features as possible all in one weekend… Mmmm…

Then we went to the pub for a couple of drinks (2 pints of Spitfire for me please). Then I walked home, travelling via Lee’s of Lenton (no website!) for a celebratory Chinese takeaway. Celebratory because it’s chinese new year (for the under-educated of you). So I said “Gung hei fat choi!” to him. (again, for the numskulls amongst you, that means “Happy new year”… or at least I hope it does. Steve told me to say it. It might mean “I’m a silly person trying to talk chinese”… humph). Anyway, chicken and cashew nuts with a portion of egg-fried rice went down very very nicely indeed.

Then home here, couldn’t work since beer was still in head, so did… err… nothing. Then Rob came home, so we played more Shadows of Undrentide, until it all went a bit odd and we couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong. Then I started writing this… it’s all taken a while!

So now, I bid you farewell… may it not be so long until we meet again as it was from last time to this time… you know?

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  1. we went to see grease and it was /fantastic/. loved every minute of it. kudos to your sister’s fiance and to everyone else involved.

  2. Of course I check every day – just got fed up telling you that! (And didn’t check Sat or Sun – seemed no point

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