And there’s more?

Just to say the builders are gradually getting there with the patching up work, although they had a bad day yesterday. They had an apprentice chippy here doing the boxing in in the loo and repairing the floorboards upstairs. Unfortunately he didn’t do a very good job: he used the wrong skirting around the box in the loo so it looks all odd, and then he replaced more of the boards upstairs than he should, and left one corner of the board he put down unsupported so it sagged and also left a gap between it and some other boards. All in all he didn’t do a great job.

So I rang and left a message overnight saying what was wrong and at 7.45 today I had a call and 8.25 the normal chippy turned up and I showed him the problems. He agrees that the other guy didn’t do a good job and is going to dock his pay for yesterday… ooops.

So here I am, sat awake much earlier than expected… looking for things to do…

[Update 09:56]
He’s fixed the skirting, done a much better job upstairs and headed off. He even gave me the key that they had for access to the house… maybe they really won’t be coming back! Well, I hope they will… still shed doors to fit…

Author: Alex

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