Right, what’s happened?

Car – is officially a write off and valued at £2500, which isn’t too bad. Now time to start looking for a replacement…

Computer – A while back, I had 5 working computers. I retired one. Two kinda broke. Another refused to turn on (and has now gone back to be repaired since it’s only 2 months since I bought it). Now finally today the last one went pop – the power supply burned out. No doubt it’s due to the severe amount of dust in my house created by the builders.

Builders – we paid them a cheque that bounced – oops. We then requested they wait a few days and then re-present the cheque. So what did they do? they re-presented it the next day. Morons.

So it’s all good.

Oh, and I made a new year’s resolution: to make new year’s resolutions to be implemented in 2005 before the end of 2004.

That is all, thankyou

[Update 5/1/04: I did fix my computer tho… obviously… thanks Mum]

Author: Alex

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