Weak week

On the blogging front, it’s been a quiet week from me… almost TOO quiet.

I had a fantastically spread out birthday, taking up about 3.5 days in the end… just the way I like it! Thanks for all of you who sent cards/texts/presents and the like.

Last week was quite a good week at school – quite busy, but started to feel a little more on top of things than I had done. Now the major challenge is to get an assignment in for Friday – a web-based learning resource, using multimedia… I hope pictures are multimedia enough… I don’t like video and sound on websites πŸ™ And then after that I have 1 week to write 3×1000 word essays. So it’s head down, working cap on, belt buckled and on with the show.

Oh, and I’m up really early today (have been up almost 2 hours now) because I took Jim to the airport for 6.30 as he’s off up to Glasgow, as I did last year, to go see the Navs up there. So here I am, bleary-eyed, trying to waste a bit of time before heading off to school half an hour earlier than I normally do, with the (possibly vain) intent to get some work done before school. Or maybe I could just go have a nap…

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One thought on “Weak week”

    Well I hope you are back soon as I want you to tell me if you can come to School Disco again πŸ™‚
    Also, I have finally got all those comments/entries back on my site and added a music bit!
    See you soon. Oli.

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