Sorry, sorry and thrice sorry

My sincerestest apologies for not writing in so long! It’s about time I did an entry, but I have been pretty darn busy the past couple of weeks. I only had 5 mins on my computer yesterday before I had to go to bed. But I have a free at school right now and I’m not really up for doing any work, although I’ve just been through all the things I need to have in order before I start teaching next week and it freaked me out a bit.

Anyway, so what’s been going on?

Last week I had my last 3 days in Uni for quite some time. In the middle of those I did my QTS Tests (Qualified Teacher Status Tests – basic numeracy, literacy and ICT tests which all new teachers have to pass). Oh wow, how easy were they? I did half of each of the demos for each subject before I went as a warm up and it all seemed startlingly easy, so off I pootled, expecting the tests to take me about 3 hours in total and the driving to be about 20 mins each way… well the whole thing took me 2 hours in total, including 40 mins of driving and a little bit of waiting. The ICT one took me 10 mins – what a joke! Anyway, good to have them out the way – think I’m the first on my course to do them – me? Do work in advance? With my reputation? Who’d believe it?

Then at the weekend I went away-away-o with Navs people from Nottingham and Sheffield. Had a couple come to talk to us about God (suprise surprise), and they were really good – down to earth, back to basics, interesting, interactive… and they’re both teachers, so maybe one day I’ll end up as good as them 😀 Good time was had by all I think. My team won the Saturday afternoon football match, which was nice, I also scored a couple, which was also nice.

Back home, off to church, bed, school, chill, bed, school, football, navs, bed, school… and that’s me up ’til now.

Oh, and I’ve played football 4 times in the past 8 days! I think that’s probably the most sporting 4 days I’ve ever had, and certainly the most footbally.

Hope that satisfies your craving for news on me! Another entry will appear some day, some how.

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  1. Greetings – whats a URL?
    Reading this made the realise that I forgot your birthday so I’m really sorry but I hope that you enjoyed yourself, and have one on me!
    So teaching isn’t as easy as perhaps you thought. It is hard work and it stays hard all the way through. I would say that it was just as hard for me when I left after 36 years as it was when I started. Every day brings new challanges and because it effects your whole life it challanges all sorts of things in that to. When I found teaching really difficult I took Jesus as my example and asked how did he teach, what made him so good? As always his love (and that includs respect) for the people is of utmost importance, to love the unloveable ie the toe rag at the back of the class hell bent on destroying your best efforts! He had authority – so have you – the college and school have given it to you, take it and fill the room with it. He loved and knew his subject in great depth – so do you – and he knew the importance of passing it on to others – so do you. He wanted to improve the lives of the people in this world to lead them in the ways of God so do you. As Christians our every contact with people is relevent to this. If God has called you to be a teacher you may have to be prepared to give up all sorts of things in order to be prepared and fit for the job (remember the rich young man who could not give up his wealth to follow Jesus – I often wonder if he ever did) He will bless your efforts and you will be fruitful, you must believe this because very often you will not see the fruit – I don’t count GCSE’s and A levels as fruit I’m talking about much deeper things. ICT is only the vechical that brings you into contact with people and the purpose is so that Gods light may shine through you. Your every word, every action must be worthy of this.
    Oh dear I’ve gone on a bit, but it seems to me you need to ask youself a few questions about where you are going and why. The challange is so exciting I wish I was there. Just remember God comes first!
    One final thing they are children, pupils or students not kids – show respect for your pupils at all times and in all places especially the staff room!
    Its a lovely sunny day here and the best news is that Sa Botiga our local shop has started stocking Shredded Wheat – all my needs have been supplied!
    Lots of love to you
    Eleanor Ann

  2. A URL is a Universal Resource Locator – a.k.a. a website address…

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and challenge!

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