In and out

OK, time for my rantiest entry in a while.

Today started off well… got up late-ish, watched Angel 5×04, which was nice. Had a shower, had breakfast and was calm. Steve and I went to Sainsburys to get some essentials and a chicken for lunch/dinner YUMM! Spent more than we expected, but hey, was all going swimmingly. Had lunch, was nice, watched a couple of episodes of The Office season 2… all good. Things started to get worse from there, although only subtely at first…

Went out again, put my box of bottles in the bottle bank (well not the box, just the bottles), like a good citizen, then went to the post office to have them check my driving license application form (free photo license if you change address, which I am) but no, they only do that at the main Post Office in town. Fine, I’ll take it there sometime. Nothing too bad there. Headed off to Roseby’s to buy some bedding for my bed (yes, have been using the same stuff for too long now!). Found some in the right colours, bought the king-size fitted sheet, king-size duvet cover and a couple of pillow cases. Came home.

Spoke to my mum on the phone, informing her that the builders had poured the concrete today, having finished digging the foundations. “YAY!”, thought I. “Hmm”, thought my mum’s workmates (who are builders) when they heard that it had been left uncovered, “that should be covered”. “Bugger”, thought I.

So rangeth I the builders, who lo, had turned their phones off and I didst only get their answerphones. Also phoeth I Duncan, my architectural friend, for him to me to impart some advice. Imparteth advice he didst: “Cover it in tin foil to insulate it from the frost.” [Enough of that silly language] So I rang Julian the project supervisor blokey, but he was lecturing and wasn’t going to be in any way contactable until monday – hope there’s no emergencies with anyone he knows…

So I planned a trip to Sainsburys, but first thought I should check I’d bought the right bed sheets from Roseby’s… alas no. The fitted sheet was fine, but the duvet cover was about half a metre too wide. At least Roseby’s and Sainsburys are next to eachother… so off to both I went, also taking an energy-saving bulb with me that I’d bought, to return it because I’d got a screw-fit one instead of a bayonet fit…

To be continued… any suggestions for endings please post a comment…

[More later… dinner time now…]

[Post dinner, post Kill Bill…]

In a less manic mood now, so let’s get on with this…

Off I went to Roseby’s with my duvet cover and pillow cases (4 of them!)… talked to the guy downstairs who said that all King Size duvets are 7’6″ wide, which blatantly mine isn’t (although that does sound HUUUGE). So I decided that Bensons (who are based above Roseby’s and somehow linked, cos they always share shops) must have given me a normal double duvet and cover. So off up to Bensons I went. The guy there was vaguely helpful, but also got vaguely defensive when I was asking things as inoffensively as I felt possible at the time. Anyway, he said that if I found the duvet bag and stuff that he’d have a look at what I should have got and check that. But no, Alex tidied that up and put it in the dustbin a few days ago.

So next on the list was Sainsbury’s, where I returned the light-bulb with minimal fuss, and proceeded to buy some mushrooms (which I later saw had a fly in them, nice), a bag of frozen peas (we were all out of anything vegetable-like) and 5 rolls of turkey foil… the girl at the checkout looked at me rather oddly and I vaguely tried to explain, but realising it wasn’t my day I kinda gave up.

Getting home, I rooted through the dustbin, finding the duvet bag and discovering it was indeed just a double duvet (why would I know how big it should be, when I’ve never slept in a double bed much before and I’m not sharing this with anyone (yet, hehe) so the duvet feels huuuge anyway?). But, after a phonecall to the ‘rents, it was decided that I’ll just stick with a double duvet for now because I’ve been using it for ages now and it’ll be hard to convince them to replace it. So a third trip to Roseby’s will happen when I shall buy the double duvet version of the one I bought in king size… ahh, the joy.

So that’s the end of that story… but the other continues… so I went outside to start laying the foil down, with Steve as my torch-holding assistant, only to discover that, even though I’d bought the widest foil in the world, it wasn’t wide enough to go over the concrete. So I proceeded to cover it in lateral strips. Of course this meant that I hadn’t bought enough foil, so we only really managed to cover half the concrete… put a bit of plastic sheet over another bit, so only a little is exposed now… let’s hope it’s not a problem.

So there we go… I think that’s the end of both stories 😀 What a day.

Anyway, it was finished nicely with the left over chicken, some cheap potato wedges we’d bought on reduce to clear (with soured cream and chives) and then we met Rob to see Kill Bill, which was very bloody and loud, but also very good and stylish. And now I’m either going straight to bed, or downstairs to watch some TV or a DVD and have a beer…

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  1. I couldn’t bear to see your last entry,AFTER ALL THIS TIME, with no comments at all. AND it was a rant. Is there nobody out there who cares about you?

    Antway, what’s been happening since?

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