Yes, there’s now a hole in my garden! A rather large one too!

It appeared yesterday, and was initially about 2mx0.5m and 1.4m deep…. and then it grew today to being a U-shape hole 0.5m width and 1.4m deep all the way round and 2m on the sides and about 5m across the bottom. Maybe it appeared by chance 🙂

No, seriously, the builders TURNED UP 2 DAYS EARLY! WOW! Tuesday morning they came and started work (moving the shed down the garden, knocking down fence and then digging)… was good that I saw them just as I was leaving, cos I could explain a few things.

Anyway, it’s looking good so far, just need to order some windows now! Well, not right now. I need to sleep right now – school again tomorrow…

Author: Alex

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