No nag :)

Well since my mum’s been away, she’s not nagged me to write an entry, so not much has been written. Nah, she doesn’t do it THAT much, honest.

Anyway, school went well, good feel to it, friendly staff. My mentor is a very experienced teacher, but this is his first time as a mentor, so we’re still figuring out stuff.

Had Jon, Jon-man and Matthew staying for the weekend, so the house was busy, but that was good all the same. Jon-man’s still asleep downstairs, so maybe I should wake him up in some evil manner… nice.

All is good, ‘cept I’m a tad tired, but that’s just cos of people staying and me chatting and going out etc.

Off to a day of lectures today… no sign of the builders as yet… I kinda hope they don’t turn up when I’m not here! Byeee!

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