The epic

Ah man, I’m tired… and it’s all my course mates’ fault.

We had a brief introduction to Logo yesterday morning from 9-11. Then we went to The Point (Trent Clifton Union Bar) and some had a pint to start the day off. I came home after that, and the others headed to Julie’s to dump stuff and get changed. I headed in to meet them about 4pm. To the Horn in Hand. We stayed there for a couple, before progressing to the following pubs/bars:
Hogs Head
Broadway (no drinks consumed, only toilets used)
Speak Easy
Long Island Ice Tea, where we stayed for many an hour, dancing the night away. Until we got thrown out for one of our friends being too drunk.
and finally…
Cookie Club for the last hour!

Lots of drink was consumed (least by me tho – I stayed compus mentis throughout) and lots of pulling (me least again, or rather not at all). And so it was that I came to rest in my bed at 2.45am… and now I’m suffering the consequences of being awake and lively for so long and also having consumed a week’s worth of alcohol in one ten-hour stretch. Ah well, it was fun!

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