Really quick

Yes, all is going well with the PGCE, last week was just a few hours’ of lectures per day. This morning I start a week’s full-time placement in a primary school in St Anne’s, hence I’m up so early.

The bouncey good news is two-fold. The more expected thing is that I now have a housemate – Steve moved in yesterday afternoon, and is pretty much settled, although we’ve ordered him a new desk, so he’s not completely there yet, but he’s on his way. The very much unexpected thing happened yesterday morning and made me smile all day…

I went to church in the morning, expecting to be on the Media team (doing the song words on the computer and cameras), but it turned out two other people were already there to do it, which was already plenty. So I chatted to some people I knew, but ended up sitting next to a random bloke. Chatted to him for a bit, and then was joined by another random guy who sat next to me. I also chatted to him. He’d been coming a while with his girlfriend, but she was away that weekend. He’d been thinking through Christianity loads since he started coming a couple of months ago and was really getting a lot out of church. So he asked me a few questions in the short time before the service started. Then we chatted in the “interval” too. John’s (our pastor) talk was on faith – what it is, and how it works – was a good one. And this guy, Martin, really related to what he was saying. And it seems that it was what he was waiting for to take the step of faith and commit himself to living for and with God. So I got to pray with him! Woo! Is there anything that gives you more of a buzz? Anything that’s more of an honour? No! So then we had a mini-communion because earlier he’d not taken it because he wasn’t sure enough, but by the end he was! What a pleasant start to a Sunday morning!

Anyway, must get off to placement soon, so sorry I haven’t written much lately, but I will give you sporadic reports of how things go no doubt.


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