Should write more, yes

Just saw the note on the last entry from someone with a very interesting name! Hehe – nice one!

Anyway, it made me realise I hadn’t written in here for a bit, not since my profound moment on Saturday. Hope maybe it got some of you thinking – it was just some thoughts that I had in the car driving home from Rob’s… yes I drove him home at that time in the morning! Haven’t written a news entry since the 1st… 8 days ago! I’m sorry for mis-treating you, my loyal readers.

So… what have I been up to in the past week or so? Let me tell you…

Last Wednesday was is the first notable thing since I last newsed you up… I cooked a very nice meal for my friend Hannah. Was really chuffed with how it came out – it was Honey and Lime Glazed Chicken – a recipe from the BBC Recipe site – who needs cook books when you have the internet? Had to buy all sorts of things that I didn’t have for the ingredients, took me an hour or so to prepare and cook it. It was so worth it though – we both enjoyed it a lot. Only thing is that it says it serves 4… it’s lying – it made a good amount for 2.

After we’d eaten, my church small group came round for our first meeting after the summer break. I’d bought a cheap DVD player that was delivered that day, so after quite a bit of chatting and catching up, we decided to test it and put Goldeneye on. Of course I’d tested the player earlier in the day using the lobby scene from The Matrix, which also nicely tested my stereo which is now plugged straight into the DVD player. All worked pretty well, although the player seemed to do a weird speed-up-slow-down thing on scene boundaries, but I’ve watched other DVDs since and it may just be an issue with older DVDs like that.

Anyway, Thursday was Lydia, a friend from Navs’, leaving “do”. A crowd of us (some Navs, some church, some from her work, her housemates) went to Coco Lounge, which is really quite nice – good atmosphere, music not too loud etc. Then it was time to dance! 5 of us went to Media – Lydia, her 2 housemates, Jim and myself – for a couple of hours. There were quite a few people in Media that night… although I fear I might have been one of them. I hadn’t been out clubbing in ages, so I really went for it in the dancing department, and also grinned quite a lot because I often forget how much I enjoy a good boogie. Jim didn’t look like he enjoyed it quite so much tho.

Friday Simon (a.k.a. huggie) came up to stay for the weekend. He arrived about 4.30, I think, and left to see people fairly soon after. My parents made a brief visit at about 5.30, to deliver the washing machine and various other bits. They left about 6.30 to head over to Katie and Nik’s for the weekend. Then around 8.30, Rob and I headed into town to join Simon and a few of his friends for a drink in The Roebuck and then for dinner at Wagamama. One of the guys, Tom, who was staying at my place, was worryingly drunk, but he wasn’t ill or anything, which was good :). Then it was off for a drink in The Blue Bell Inn (easily confused with The Bell Inn isn’t it Simon?) before heading back here to watch more of 24 season 2. And then the profound moment came… after many hours of 24 🙂

Saturday, got up late-ish, watched some of the rugby, watched the football, watched more rugby (highlights). Oh yeah, and went to The Three Wheatsheaves with Simon and Jim in the evening for a couple of drinks… then went to The Grove to make a comparison. The Grove wins on atmosphere and beer and pretty much everything. Shame it’s the further away one. Ah well, it’s still only 10 mins walk. Mmmm The Grove.

Sunday, got up late again :D. We’d arranged a lunch in The Three Wheatsheaves – Simon, Ninja, Jim, Rob and myself all came, and we had a mini reunion from the first year in 243a. Then Steve rang to say he was on his way over to drop some stuff off… and we had 6 of us from the first year in 243a! Not bad. Also realised that 6/8 of us from that year are still in Notts this year (the earlier list with Martin subbed for Simon), although 5/8 of the second year are too. Good to see Steve again, although I was a bit nervous about him seeing the house, and specifically his room, for the first time. He seemed quite happy though. He only stayed an hour, and headed back to Chesterfield… which took 5 times longer than it should – 2.5 hours! Accident on the M1 I believe… not good.

Then, that night, it was the long-awaited first service of Vineyard in the Warehouse, our newly-constructed building. Was really excited about it, although I’d seen it a couple of weeks before, but it was mainly undecorated then. Of course, as with everything to do with Vineyard, I was not disappointed. It feels like I just got another new home! The decor is modern, arty and good quality. The room feels warehouse-like, but cosy. The bar at the back is awesome, with big leather sofas and some tables and chairs spread around it. The bar itself looks nice too – very light and styllish. The only slight complaint I would have is the sound – it had a bit of an echo on it – I guess down to the fact that it’s a big metal echoey building and they haven’t had time to properly balance it yet, but it was quite easy to get used to. It also happened to be the 7th birthday of the church, so they had testimonies from people who’ve joined at various points along that journey. Was so good and I didn’t want to leave. I managed to drag myself back to Simon about 10 I think, although people stayed there until at least 11 from what I hear. So then Simon, Rob and I had take-out chinese from Lee’s… I really need to learn to cook Chicken Cashew Nut – it’s all I ever eat from there and I adore it every time! Just some bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, cashwe nuts, chicken… can’t be that hard, can it?

Oh and we finished off 24 season 2 that night. The second series isn’t anywhere near as good as the first – it lacks some of the drama, style and intrigue of the original. The action storyline seems to end in the middle somewhere and then it becomes very political after that (as Simon pointed out), although of course there’s still your fair share of gun fights and the like… it just seems to be missing something. I reckon that it would be interesting for the to do season 3 in a completely different context… but I guess losing Jack Bauer would lose it some of it’s feel, but that will wear thin after too long no doubt.

So Monday, got up late again 😀 had lunch with Simon, watched some of the cricket, Simon left. Life became boring for a while.

Spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday sorting through a few things, filling in forms etc, and fiddling on my computer. More of the same today I guess… although I really should get into this essay. Oh, shouldn’t mention that on here, cos my mum will start nagging me about it if I do…

Small group again tonight, although not here – just up the road at Andy’s house.

And I’m spent….

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  1. Photos of my weekend in Nottingham are up at: btw

    And I’d just like to point out that I was quite impressed I managed to find a pub with even the last two words the same given that the text I got just said “Blue Bell Inn” and I’ve not been in Nottingham for at least a year :-p

    Thanks for a good time Alex ‘n friends. Was good to see people and chat long into the night like old times.

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