What if…

What if the next guy is just like you?
What if they see your flaws like you see theirs?
What if they’re the same as you – just trying to make the best of what they have?
What if they struggle with their past too?
What if you’re both in the same mess?
What if they’re trying to find a reason for it all as well?
What if they come up short of their own standards just like you?
What if we all fall short?
What if we all look back over messed up relationships, difficult situations, lost loved ones, missed opportunities… and know they affect how we are now?
What if there’s something that can make sense of it all… for all of us?
What if there is a purpose for it all – a direction?
What if the next guy is just like you?
What if we’re not meant to be perfect?
What if we’re all fundamentally flawed?
What if we can’t expect perfection from anyone… least ourselves?
What if we can expect perfection from someone?
What if they know better than we do what perfection is?
What if we could talk to them – be with them?
What if that’s the only relationship that really matters, that really won’t scar, that is really forever?
What if we rely on ourselves – where will that get us?
What if we rely on other people – will they let us down?
What if there’s no-one to rely on – no-one to trust – no-one to believe in?
What if there’s something that makes sense of it all?
What if there’s someone that meant it all to be this way?
What if the next guy is just like you?
Go on – look.

[One of my more profound moments perhaps?]

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

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  1. What if you started going to bed at sensible times?!

    Some interesting questions though…


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