Well yesterday was the last day of our tenancy at 243a… quite sad, but made rather dramatic, so will be memorable! No it didn’t burn down, and if it does, it has nothing to do with us, honest.

Jim was sleeping there on the last night, and was awoken by sounds of people banging around in the house. Eventually the sounds came close and some workmen came into his room, noticed him and ran away without saying anything. So Jim got up and stuff and soon found out that they’d deposited the whole contents of our kitchen and any other bits we had left behind IN THE ALLEY WAY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. They’d vaguely boxed things up, but they’d also chucked some stuff which we wanted in bin bags along with rubbish. Jim was a little surprised obviously. So he came over to my place and told us what was going on. We figured we should go over and pick it all up since it looked like it was about to rain. So we did, and it took a full car load to take not quite all the stuff… so we’re not talking small amounts of stuff here! So I had a vague go at one of the staff that I recognised… she looks like she’s about to cry at the best of times and I didn’t help… but then I did hear her saying to one of the others “They didn’t know we were coming… I’d be really f***ed off if it was me”, so I think she was on our side.

Anyway, the main Haus woman (has also been called Evil Bitch Woman From Hell or Scary Woman (as opposed to the other one who is Scared Girl) for reasons that only people that have tried to complain in person to Haus will ever understand) came out and apologised – which was nice, but she only said she “thought we’d all moved out”… even though only 4 sets of the 8 sets of keys had been returned and there was obviously still stuff in there! Ah well, at least we didn’t have to do the last bits of cleaning, since they were doing that by the time we got back to pick up the stuff. Think I will write and complain, since it was well out of order, and we might get more of our damage deposit back if we do :o)

At least we had a better day than Ninja! He turned up to move into his student flat in the centre of town, only to discover that the building hasn’t quite been completed yet! So he couldn’t move in (safety reasons – the room was all done, but no lock etc). He’s had to head back to Cardiff for the week, to prepare for his interviews, but has to be back by next Monday since he’s starting his course then!

Fun fun fun.

Oh, I am officially not Navs Student Worker as of midnight last night – WOO! FREE AT LAST! Heh, no, I’ll miss it. But I handed over to Jim in the time-honoured fashion, which I cannot disclose because it is highly secret… all I can say is that it involved nudity… but I can say no more. Hehe.

Anyway, time to sort and stuff… laters

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