Wet bbq

Can you believe it? We have a couple of weeks of weather where you can fully rely on not getting rained on at all, then as soon as I have a barby IT RAINS! It was quite comical – as I put the match against the match box to start the barby, there was a loud rumble of thunder… maybe I should have taken that as a sign to not get started. But I went ahead on my new barby anyway, which was a bargain at £20 from B&Q.

I should tell you about my barbecue, since it looks a little abnormal in the photo if you follow the link above… it has a weird column under the main cooking thing. They had no what I would call “normal” barbecues there, and this was their basic option. The idea is that you put newspaper in the column underneath, stack charcoal on the top, light the paper and it lights the charcoal in turn. It worked fairly well, although it took a few matches to get it going, but I think I put too much newspaper in. Anyway, enough on that.

There were 9 of us at the bbq – Nathan, Laura, Jim, Rob, Paul, Stuart, Justin, Andy and myself (all of whom, ‘cept Rob and Jim, I know through church, although I’d nto really met Stuart and Justin before). We managed to plough our way through:

  • 8 quarter pounder burgers
  • 4 large ribs
  • 8 pork steaks
  • 8 pork sausages
  • 8 chicken drumsticks
  • 7 chocolate bananas

…which was a fair amount of meat! Oh, there were baps and salad… but who counts those?!

People hung around to play games and watch the football highlights (what an anticlimax the Community Shield was this year). Most of them left about 5.30. Then Nathan, Laura and I watched some rubbish telly and vaguely dozed for a while… in fact, until about 9pm. It was then we realised we didn’t have any suitable food to eat for dinner (well, we had left-over burgers and sausages, but none of us felt like more of them!). So we set off on a mission to find cheese, biscuits and wine. At 9.20pm on a Sunday, we expected this to be quite hard… but it wasn’t TOO hard. We found a 24 hour Spar, which seems to be open even all day on a Sunday, although they were very sparse on their cheese selection. So we ended up with crispy things and some dippy things. Oh and we got our red wine 🙂 We settled down with them about 10 and watched Pulp Fiction (my first time seeing it!). Was a very good end to a very good day.

Came home, fiddled for half an hour on my computer and went to bed and straight to sleep (red wine’s doing I reckon). And they all lived happily ever after.

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