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Right, I promised a list of the films I watched on the way back, and I’m not one to go back on promises… although I did lie – it was 6 films, not 5!
First I watched Basic, with John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson. Didn’t think much of the film as it went through, but once the story line started twisting more it got interesting. Good film, but not a classic. Then it was A Guy Thing, which I’d never heard of, and was OK. I like Jason Lee, but it was a little too predictable and romantic, but it had it’s good funny moments. Cypher is next on the list, again unheard of by me before getting on the flight. Weird story and it was trying to be very stylish in it’s presentation with a grey and cold feel mostly. Again this was a good film because of the twists in the storyline but again I didn’t really like it until the story did twist. Then I watched Tommy Lee Jones in The Hunted, which was OK, but a little too like US Marshalls and the like – Tommy chasing an escaped expert killer etc etc, but still entertaining. A little graphic in places but I probably only noticed that because I was eating my dinner at the time! I had saved Anger Management up until later in the flight because I suspected it would be the best of the bunch, but it wasn’t that much better than the rest. Funny and frustrating story, but I think it would probably be best watched in a group so you can all laugh together… laughing on a plane is not a nice thing to do… as indeed you see in the film. Then I rounded off my flight with Finding Nemo, the cute new animation from Disney and Pixar. They did well again, the story was light-hearted but interesting and the animation was great.

So there we go, a review of the films I watched.

Yesterday I just slept, caught up on some emails and saw Karen in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Spent the evening chatting to my parents and gran.

Got up about 20 minutes ago today – before 8am, which is weird… but probably a good thing – I need to have an adjusted body clock to be able to start getting up for my course in September… just have to keep it going until then.

Right, off to get some breakfast.

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  1. I have every faith in you being able to keep this changed body clock of yours for at least ooh, 24 hours. 🙂

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