I think it’s all over

Well I got back to the UK about 7pm tonight and home about 8pm. It’s now midnight, and my body clock thinks it’s 7am. Having got up at 4am after two hours’ sleep you can imagine that I’m not feeling too great. So it’s bedtime to attempt to avoid this headache getting any worse!

More soon on the 5 films I watched on the way home… watch this space!

Author: Alex

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3 thoughts on “I think it’s all over”

  1. ei! good to hear your there and safe. and glad to hear im not the only one who’s knackered right now, because of all this leaving! but good for you you get to sleep right away – i get to take the girls to the airport in an hour! let’s see if there’ll be tears, hehehe. hey now you have a global audience to ur journal!….hmm, wonder what those movies are?

  2. Glad to hear you’re back in one piece!

    We must catch up at some point this week before I go away!

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