D&V and Coup d’Etat

After a week plagued by illnesses amongst the 4 of us (yeah, I got D&V and was out of action for a day or so and am just recovering now) there has been some action – an attempted coup d’état!

First off, let me just say that we’re in no danger and flights and all are uninterrupted. We have been to the area where they took over a couple of buildings, but we weren’t anywhere near today. Oh… breaking news… it seems they have “agreed to end the siege and return to barracks”. Oh well, it was action whilst it lasted!

They were trying to get the president and her defense minister to resign, and as I understand it, the defence minister did, but the president didn’t… but I’m not clear on that. GMA (Gloria Macpagal Arroyo) is the president and she has a website here.

Anyway we’re not really done anything this week with illnesses and typhoons… but we’re all pretty much recovered, so are aiming to make the most of our last week…

Author: Alex

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  1. Thanks for the update. We had, of course, imagined you to be in the thick of any fighting going on and probably getting killed, or worse. Hope you all return to full fitness very soon.

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