An imaginative title

OK mum, here’s the answers to your questions:

Yes, we have thunderstorms most days (normally in the afternoons), but the sun comes out after it has rained and thundered for a few hours and it soon dries out and returns to its 30+C temperatures. I think it’s still hotter here than in the UK, judging by the weather sites I looked at, and it’s definitely more humid and a lot hotter at night (like 27C still). Shorts and T-shirt at 11pm and still hot 🙂

No I didn’t buy a camera… I think I’ll get copies of the girls’ photos. I need to get me a digital camera if I ever come somewhere like this again… I would have taken lots, but I don’t like taking random photos when it costs you for each one. I did try and convince Jon-man to lend me his, but he couldn’t cos he needed it for his holiday…

Now, I don’t have a full update for the past week, but I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been up to the past couple of days, not that it’s particularly interesting, but at least I can remember!

Before my last entry (Tuesday) I had just returned Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (a.k.a. Amélie), which we’d watched earlier in the day. I was heading to the Navs tambayan (a table where they have meetings etc, currently outside and infested with mosquitos) and bumped into Lucky, a fresher that I’d met he week before and had been meaning to call to catch up with. Turned out he was going to Chicago too, so we went to the tambayan, found some others that were going and headed off. Then we came to Chocolate Kiss for dinner afterwards, which is a slightly more expensive restaurant (I mean like nearly £3 for a main course!!!) and had a good meal there. All in all a good night.

Today we didn’t do much during the morning and early afternoon, but then we decided to go see The Hours. Good film, quite disturbing in places, and definitely one to talk about afterwards, as we did over a coffee once more in Chocolate Kiss. Worth seeing the film, but be prepared to come out not feeling too positive about life. It has hints of Magnolia in it if you know that film – in that it shows how relationships affect people and has intertwining stories.

Anyway, must dash to get the last jeepney, hope you’re happier with the content of this entry!

Boi for now!

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