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I know you all want more from me on here… you’re such a demanding audience! Ok, so maybe I just demand a lot of myself and no-one really cares what I write…. either way, I shall try and summarise some of our activity over the past few days if I can remember in the remaining 10 minutes I have here before I should go get a jeepney home…

Woah, it’s been nearly a week since I did a proper update, so this will be brief to fit it all in in time.. in fact I don’t remember too well… I should wait until the girls are here with me – they keep a diary… a real one.

I just remember dinner with Jaime on Friday, our meeting on Saturday, church on Sunday, meetings and seeing Chicago tonight…

Hmm, that’s not very detailed is it… oh well it’s 11.10 here now, so I should head home to bed… night!

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3 thoughts on “More more more”

  1. I have to admit, that isn’t one of your better entries! But it was quicker to read compared to some of them! Anyway… keep them coming… I’m reading it all at least! (and your Mum of course)

  2. No, you didn’t waste many words there, did you? Glad to know you’re still alive, though. What is the weather like? It still says Thunderstorms for Manila every day and we know from your comments it is hot and humid (try living here for the past few days)but do the thunderstorms actually materialise? You haven’t mentioned rain – or sun for that matter.

    Katie said that it was good that you’re doing a diary cos it means you mention things that were different or surprising which will just seem commonplace when you return and you won’t think to mention them. So keep trying! Did you ever buy a disposable camera? It would be great to have a few pictures.

    You’re nearly half way through! Sorry we didn’t get through to you last night. Didn’t see the email until a bit too late. The reminder popped up but behind whatever I was working on so I didn’t see it until I closed that window.


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