Internet cafés

Right, well I’m in another internet café, and this time I can’t use putty to get my emails… so I’m quite annoyed that I can’t see them since I was expecting lots of replies from everyone! So apologies if I don’t reply – I can’t right now! I can’t even get them! I can’t even get on IRC to ask people if they know of any alternatives… hmm, even putty through the HTTP proxy doesn’t work. Sorry to get technical on you all… I think I might just stop right now.

We’ve done some stuff… but I have got annoyed with this computer, so I’ll report it some other time. But I’m alive and well, so don’t worry.

UPDATE: OK, so I fiddled around with some stuff and discovered the webmail stuff on smokey… not sure I should be using it, but hey – i get to see my mail.

Still not going to update here because this keyboard is not good, and I need to get back to campus to go to church again… or at least to see the girls before they go.


Author: Alex

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3 thoughts on “Internet cafés”

  1. “Not sure you should be using it?”

    Well it’s there to be used, Alex :-p

  2. OK good… just none of the images loaded, so I assumed it was still in testing… and I couldn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the support stuff, so I again assumed the same…

    But handy and thanks 🙂

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