Yes Mum, I have had food, don’t worry, I am eating properly.

I’ve eaten out quite a bit, but also been cooked for at the appartment by JayArre (spelling corrected from last time).

I’ve eaten quite a lot of pork in different forms – in soy and vinegar sauce, barbequed in sweet marinade, in a sour spicy soup… and others I think. Had beef and chicken, both quite spicy. Oh and I ate some sweet soya stuff at a veggie restaurant. But of course I’ve eaten more rice here already than I would in a month back home. They don’t seem very concerned about desserts here, so I’ve only had one once, and that was ice-cream.

Author: Alex

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  1. JayArre pronounced JR? And is Ram for Rameese or Rameses? Just interested.
    Food sounds interesting – thanks for the description. I wasn’t concerned, just curious about the food (no 1 priority for me of course).

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