OK, so Monday was where I was up to, just before we headed off to meet some freshers in their hall.

Well that was amusing, since when we arrived they were all watching F4 (the equivalent of S-Club 7) on the TV and when we were announced they all booed and whistled at us because they wanted to watch to the end. Anyway, we let them watch of course and did our bit a bit later.

We went on first and talked about our interest in the Philippines, what we’ve learnt, who we are etc… then Ram (short for Ramsees) told them a bit about Navs here in the Philippines, and then JayArre told them about how Navs had been significant for him. We were then instructed to do something silly to make the stoodents laugh… so Heather and Esther did a bit of Scottish Dancing whilst we all clapped… I’m glad I didn’t have to make a fool of myself 🙂

Then yesterday we went to try and find somewhere we could get our Traveller’s Cheques changed from dollars into dollars (we have to pay the americans who organised the trip for various things)… so we set off for the local Thomas Cook office (where fortunately we’d all got our TCs from. It was about 1h45m bus ride away… and when we got there, they were on lunch! So we hung around, got some lunch and went back later… only for them to tell us they couldn’t give us dollars, only Pesos. So we just came home, feeling a little annoyed they hadn’t said that when we rang them. So 6 and a bit hours later we returned home still with all our TCs intact and unchanged… oh well… we’ve sorted something out with the americans about that now.

So, then we spent about 30 mins in the girls’ room in the hotel cooling down (did I mention they have air con? 🙂 ) before we headed off to the Navs “TNT” meeting (Tuesday Night Together). We played a few silly games (remember freshers here are 16, not 18) and had some food, then Kirk, one of the americans, did a short bit on Jesus and then we just chatted with people for ages afterwards.

Went home with JayArre and others and played Warcraft 3 for a couple of horus before bed… mmm fun 🙂

Today we had nothing planned, so I came over to the girls’ room around lunchtime – RIDING THE JEEPNEY ALONE FOR THE FIRST TIME (fun!). Had some lovely lunch and then headed here… lots of catching up to do, so have been heer nearly an hour an a half… best get back out there and do something else!

Bye for now!

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2 thoughts on “Activity”

  1. hey x3ja which jeepney do i ride if i wanted to go to kalayaan? i wish u’d stop pushing me down that small cliff whenever we’d go visit heather and esther at the hotel, my bruishes look so bad, and hurt bad too.

  2. The Kalayaan one perhaps?

    And I can’t believe you’re trying to make it sound like I’m the one doing the pushing down that cliff! You started it, and it’s me that’s scarred from all your attacks.

    Quite frankly if I have to spend more time with you Ram, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself causing you some real harm! 😀

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