Wahey! I made it… in one piece! Well to Singapore at least.
Flight was delayed somewhat at Heathrow due to bad weather, so eventually took off about 2000 instead of 1835. However I have enough time here for my transfer for that not to be a problem. Half an hour on the computer and then I go change my Singaporian Dollars to US Dollars… was a little silly packing all my US Dollars Travellers Cheques in my main luggage and only bringing Sterling, cos of course it’s not as easy to use everywhere. Oh well, they don’t charge commission so I shouldn’t lose out much.

Thanks Mum & Dad for the info – I hope I don’t need it too, but you never know. having said that, I should write it down really!

Spent most of the flight over here watching films, playing games and a little sleeping. I watched Bulletproof Monk followed by Phone Booth, both of which were good, but in different ways… The latter was better though. I also attempted to watch Shanghai Knights but that finally tired me out enough to get some sleep at about 0300 UK time. It’s now 1537 this time, so my body clock is screwed… never mind.

They have loads of old Game Boy games on the screens to play. I had a quick go of Mario World, it’s amazing how much of it you remember from so many years ago when my sister had a Game Boy. But what I found more entertaining was Tennis (which my sister also had). Had a good couple of matches against the computer and we’re 1 win each at the moment, but I’m gonna take him down on this next flight!

All in all the in-flight stuff is well done and it even pauses stuff for announcements and remembers your position in things if you stop it and come back.

Think that’s all for now, should probably go now since my flight boards in 10 mins and I need to do that money change. (Don’t worry Mum, it’s only 2 mins walk to the gate, and I’ve already made sure I’ve done everything I need to do)

So hope to update again sometime soon, but dunno…


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  1. Thanks for the message – loved the tag line!

    Will post this on the diary as well, in case you can’t get your emails. Have told Dad who is out at Grain at the mo.



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