Home from Home & Away

Right, well I got home (Kent) from home (Nottingham) yesterday, with lots of bags of clothes (some clean ones) and stuff. Hopefully I’ve not forgotten anything vital for my trip to the Philippines. If you think of anything I should have, please let me know here and I’ll either say I’ve got it, rush out and buy it or I’ll laugh at your silly suggestion.

Erm, think I should get dressed now, think I’m seeing Kate later… and doing a little shopping and obtaining of traveller’s cheques…

Author: Alex

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One thought on “Home from Home & Away”

  1. Traveller’s Cheques suck! Blatant rip off. They charge you to change them in the first place, then they charge you to change them back again. RIP OFF. Take a debit card instead!

    Don´t forget your super dooper shammy leather towel!

    Take care in the Phillipines


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