Just a quick update…

Monday went up to Hull to grab loads of stuff from my gran’s old flat (she’s moved into a home now). Drove big van all day, felt like white van man once again… ahh the memories.
Tuesday spent most of the day unloading the van and sorting stuff out in the house with help from Rob. Debbie kindly picked me and Rob up after we dropped the van back, she then stayed for the evening and we watched Friends, Big Brother and then went out for a lovely curry (her, Rob and me).
Today applied for a visa, had a couple of meetings and went out to church small group tonight… last time for a couple of months!

So that’s me.

Oh yes, I’m rushing because I have to be up at about 6.45, because I’m in school tomorrow and Friday getting some experience before I start my PGCE… night night!

Author: Alex

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