10 days without an entry – sorry! It’s not like I decided not to write, it just didn’t come to mind. I suddenly remembered I hadn’t written for ages and I’m about to go away for a week, so I figure I should write something before I go… time for a summary of my activity…

Last friday (5th) I headed off for my last Navigator Connect days – a final get-together and review of the year (even though we have 3 months left). It was great to see everyone again, and we had a lovely curry on the Friday night, which was paid for, which made it all the sweeter. We went through the evaluations that we had written and shared experiences as a group. All was good.

Then, when that finished, on Saturday arvo, I headed down to Oli’s house to see Liz who is back for a week or so from Spain, and that was the only time I could see her. The group was made up of Liz, Jo, Han (friends from home), Rachel, Sophie, Kat (Liz’s uni mates), Ol and me. So we dressed up as school kids (of course!) and went out for a meal at Wetherspoons in Hammersmith. Max and a couple of mates joined us a little later on. We stayed in there for ages – about 4 hours I think and we drank and generally had fun. Then sometime after 10 (don’t think I looked at my watch) we headed off to Po-Na-Na (it’s a club) where the School Disco night was taking place (the reason we were in school uniform). The resulting photos are here… I don’t think there’s any embarassing ones of me there. Not that I did anything embarassing of course.

We eventually landed home (minus Max and Liz who left about an hour after we got to the club to go back to his place…) at about 3.30 I think… all timings are a bit hazy, I didn’t really care. So we had some chips, waffles, fish fingers and toast before bed, which eventually occurred about 4.30.

My alarm went off at 9.30 on Sunday morning, and I got up, had a shower in preparation to leave around 10. Weirdly everyone else woke up whilst I was in the shower – why?! I’d have slept for another 5 hours had I not needed to get up! Anyway, was good to say goodbye to them all. Surprisingly, the journey wasn’t too hard, even though I was quite tired, I easily stayed awake the whole way… which was nice.

On my return to Nottingham, it was straight to the Josh & Nat’s barbeque to see a load of people. Great turn-out, shame about the weather (it rained for an hour or so of the 4 hours the bbq ran for). Had to say goodbye to the Americans… was sad to see them go – Meredith had been in my small group all year, so it was weird thinking I wouldn’t see them again. Anyway, I soon got over that girly emotional stuff and talked about football and the like with some lads to set me straight again šŸ™‚

Sunday evening was church time… which was good as ever.

Monday evening was the last Alpha thing – some of the Alpha course that has just finished and the Alpha course I helped on met up at the Rose and Crown for a chat and some drinks. Was good to see Ross there, since I didn’t expect to see him. Good end to the year with them.

Tuesday daytime I headed off to Leicester to pick up the P.A. for the evening, getting pretty hurrendously lost on the way there, but got back soon. Saw Brian , Bernie , Jules and Galls whilst I was there, which was a nice surprise. Started setting up for the evening thing about 5.30, which gave us plently of time for once… and I felt well prepared for the evening. About 7.50 we kicked off with some songs, and did so for about 45 minutes, or maybe a tad longer. Then it was into the prayer… we got everyone to share what they were doing over the summer and next year in groups of 2-4 and then we all got prayed for individually. Worked well, although would have been nice to see a few more people there – especially new people. Packed down very quickly and headed to The Ark for a few jars. Another good end…

Wednesday I stayed in and watched the footy after possibly my last team meeting ever!

Thursday I did bits and pieces.

And here I am today, with 3 people to see today before I head off to the Navs Summer Conf in about 24 hours. And one of those three is expecting me in 20 minutes, so I best get in the shower, dressed and fed PDQ.

Will write again sometime!

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  1. 1 hour! I think it was longer than that…it may just be that time flies when we’re around. Can’t guarantee it but I reckon we made 2 hours. OK, not amazing I know but I hear there are plans to go again and we will make it “all night long” that time!

  2. OK that sounded a bit more pervy than I meant…Liz is going to kill me for that

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