Ooh dearie me

It’s been a little while since I last wrote – apologies for that. I would say I’ve been too busy, but I haven’t really.

So… last wrote on the 23rd, just before going to Crossfire

Crossfire was brilliant, as it always is, but different again from what it’s been in the past for me. I was the most busy I’ve ever been at camp, and probably too busy, because I had to try and do a few things at once on a couple of occasions. Main new thing I did this year was the video stuff, including song words on the computer, a good proportion of which were new and needed inputting. That kept me busy, but also removed slightly from the main “body” of people there. I was also a tribe elder, but it was a good job I had the experienced Wendy to think about that, since it often clashed with my video stuff. Anyway, all went well and as usual the campers were just getting properly into it on the last night and felt like I wanted to be there longer, but don’t think I could have taken it energy-wise.

So then it was back home on Monday early evening after helping pack down the techie stuff… felt like being back at Viz-A-Viz… ahh, the memories :o)

Last week highlights were:
Navs small group on Tuesday night, looking at and discussind some Psalms.
Wednesday night a bbq with church small group (bought some silly expensive crisps to take by mistake, hope they were enjoyed!).
Lunch with Phil in the sun on Thursday at The Three Wheatsheaves.
Getting a lump of gift aid income and also a cheque for some work I did a while back and had forgotten about. So that should pay for my ticket to the Philippines 🙂

Then Friday evening we left to go to Treago Castle where one of the girls in Navs lives. So we had a very cheap stay for 16 of us. Wonderful weather, so we spent Saturday in the garden, helping out – mowing, cutting, digging, burning etc. Saturday evening we had a posh meal in the dining room with the nice cutlery etc. Also sampled some of the Treago wines – all of which were very nice, but my favourite was the dry oaked white. Then Sunday morning some people went to church whilst others of us lazed around the house and gardens, then a little more work – shifting furniture – before a DIY lunch and then heading home after a brief game of cricket.

Then it was home, check emails, go to church. Church was absolutely roasting! It’s a low-ceilinged room we meet in and there are only 2 opening windows… with 350 people, that gets quite warm on a humid day like today. Talk was on our pastor’s recent visit to Iraq… sounding awesome. There’s the chance for some people to go out there over the summer for a couple of weeks. Sounded very interesting… but with the Philippines… oh I dunno. Maybe should talk to my parents about it more before I plaster my thoughts my website… although no doubt my mum will read this and ring me before I talk to her.

Anyway, it appears that I’m a little ill. Nothing serious I hope, but having spoken to NHS Direct (after an hour an a half wait they were very helpful indeed) I am going to see the doc in the morning, or as soon as I can. Now I have to go jump start Jim’s car cos he’s got electrical problems… or rather his car has… and he’s about to leave to go pick up Esther from Manchester Airport (4.25am landing I think). Hope he finds a way to start it the other end!

Think that brings you up to date. Enjoy!

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  1. WOoooooooooo less than a week now till u see me! You must be so excited. He he he. Take care babe, can´t wait to see you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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