Born to make you happy

As I’m sure you’re all gagging to know how my trip was…

It was very good in many ways. Alas it was a little spoilt by my flight home being about 2 hours delayed.

Had a good 4 days in Glasgow tho – saw team meeting, small group meeting, prayer meeting, the Celtic game (gutting!), some odd bits of art in Glasgow (including a dinosaur and a pylon thing that was supposedly meant to be “to Glasgow what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris”), a little bit of a place called Helensburgh and quite a bit of Mr Kevin Quigley (affectionately and appropriately known as Squiggles to me).

Anyway, Crossfire starts tomorrow, so must dash… erk… just realised have quite a bit of stuff to sort before I go tomorrow… well that’s what the next 12 hours are for… ho hum.

Author: Alex

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