Getting there

Well, just had a 5 hour session with Duncan, finalising plans and forms and lots of bits of paper. Looks like we should be able to post the Building Regs stuff off tomorrow after one last visit to the house. Then maybe a week or so until we put it out to tender… looking at a start date of 5-6 weeks from now… woo.

By then term will be well and truly over… that’s scary. In fact 4 weeks today is the end of term! And there endeth the main bulk of my year. Some review and the Philippines will be all that’s left by then I think. Scaaary.

I’m off to Homebase to get some things for the house… only essentials – like automatic on-off light thingies to make it look occupied 🙂

Anyway, thought I’d write this as I’m sure my mum was about to start nagging me to write another entry 🙂 Hope your foot’s doing well mum!

Author: Alex

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