So what have I done since I visited Grunt and Nit?

Well, Sunday morning, Rob got baptised at Grace Church (a.k.a. New Frontiers) – woo! His outward declaration of what had already happened inside. I think I was more emotional than he was, but he out-did me on the nervousness stakes, understandably. Was a good service and great to see some people I hadn’t in a while. Interestingly, one girl (Rachel Owen’s sister) seemed rather put-out that I didn’t remember her name from the one other time I’d met her (about 18 months ago I think)… WOMEN! There was a nice buffet lunch, with the obligatory quiche πŸ™‚

Sunday evening I went to Vineyard, saw loads of people I’d been to Spring Harvest with, and some others that I wanted to catch up with. I’m liking knowing lots of people, although it does conflict with my watching of 24… but I choose the people… most weeks.

Monday arvo I saw Andre, probably for the last time properly before he goes back to Malaysia. πŸ™ We went for a walk since it was a nice day, and so I could show him my new house (WHICH WILL BE MINE TOMORROW!!!) and give him some stuff on Italy, where he’s going travelling after exams.

Monday evening was After Alpha group… we watched Minority Report and Katie came round after and showed us her photos of Mozambique, which were cool. She had some cool stories too.

Tuesday evening was my Navs small group (as usual), and we studied the last chunk of Philippians. Now we just have a summary one to do, to recap on all we’ve learnt from the book. It was good stuff that night… I felt that the discussion flowed and that I didn’t have much to do as a leader (which is the best thing). Then a couple of us went to the pub to meet Josh & Jim’s group in the Sir John. One drink and then home.

Wednesday… meeting with Josh… prayer meeting (topic: freedom)… church small group (the one I don’t lead). Small group was really good – we did a study on love – basic, eh? – it was really good seeing all the references to God’s love for us, our love for each other and out love for others – clarified a few things about love and made us realise our responsibility to love.

Today I have Nathan coming round, and apart from that, I have to do the new drawings for the house and write a bunch of letters asking if people will sponsor me to go out to the Philippines (any offers, email me) and one asking to go into a primary school for a week in September (after 4 days’ orientation on my course!).

So I’d best get on…

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