Grunt and Nit

On Thursday I went down to Saffron Waldon in the Essex countryside to see my friend Grant. He lives in a converted alms house to a now-long-gone monastery. It’s now a residential youth and conference centre and is really rather nice. It’s all very peaceful… too peaceful! I think I migh last a week in a place like that, but I think I’d start to go mad after that for lack of things to do in the immediate vacinity and the lack of large numbers of people to be around. Anyway, it was good to go and stay there, not only because it was peaceful, but cos I got to see Grant. We chatted, watched some TV, ate and then watched K-19, which was actually very good indeed, especially once you realised the amount of research and stuff that went into it. Then went to bed.

Friday we headed into Cambridge after a lazy start to the day, with a couple of bowls of Strawberry Crisp (like Harvest Crunch…. Mmmm… Harvest Crrrrunch… *drool*). Did a little shopping before meeting Nick and a couple of girls from Grant’s work for lunch in The Hog’s Head – decent food, good value (£6.95 for 2 burger and chips meals) although chips were really rather salty. Then more shopping before Grant headed back to work about 4.30. Then I went and sat on a bridge over the Cam to wait for Nick to finish work. It was good weather for quite a while sitting there, but started to drizzle about 5.10, so I headed into the nearby pub – The Mill. But before I left the bridge, I was asked by a random passer-by for the time… and then he asked if by any chance I was Tom… I was slightly tempted to say “yes” just for entertainment value, but decided that “no” was the better answer.

Nick got out of work about 5.30 – after I’d sat with 2 pints and a mobile phone for 20 mins in the pub, feeling a little like people were staring… but I think I was just being paranoid 🙂 So we had a drink, walked back to Nick’s house, ate pizza and then went our separate ways (Nick had his dancing AGM… well, the dancing society’s AGM… the AGM wasn’t dancing as far as I know).

Got back to Notts about 11pm, caught up with email and games (finished Max Payne and played some Neverwinter Nights with Rob).

Late to bed, not too late up. Time to tidy my room now I feel… probably some pink reminder bills somewhere about Council Tax…

Laters peeps

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  1. Well, he is that type it seems 🙂

    He does ballroom mostly and a bit of salsa from time-to-time from what I gather.

  2. Apparently I’m also a cross between David Duchovny and Scott Evil………?!?

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