Delayed respoonse

I got back to Notts on Tuesday afternoon from my trip to Skegness for Spring Harvest student.evolution. I had a great 4 and two half days there – God was making some things pretty clear to me and it was cool to get to know some of the students from church that I didn’t already know.

I’m currently getting used to a natural keyboard that I am borrowing off Matthew, currently my typing speed is about half what it id with a normal keyboard, but I’m getting there… don’t knoe if I’ll try and stick with it yet.

Erm, so what have I done since I’ve been back? Erm, not too much, catching up on a load of emails for work, starting work on the tender for the building work on the house, eating a bit, watching football… nothing too exciting or dull. Don’t have much planned today, although I have some sorting and more emails to do.

Anyway, I knew you’d all be longing for an update, so that was it. BFN.

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4 thoughts on “Delayed respoonse”

  1. What is a natural keyboard? Is it one of those weird shaped ones?!

  2. Yeah, it’s an odd-shaped one with a gap in the middle. The theory is that it’s a more natural typing position for touch-typing. Problem is that I can’t touch-type… so I’m just typing with 4 fingers and a thumb… not really making the most of it! Oh well… it looks different, which is cool.

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