Windows = frustration

No, I definitelly don’t miss the days when Windows was my main Operating System… having spent a couple of days at home, trying to problem solve a few things for my parents, I have realised just how annoying Windows is and am once again re-affirmed in my choice of Linux for my main OS.

Having said that, I did install Windows XP on my Dad’s machine, and that seems to be running pretty smoothly on there, and the internet connection sharing stuff seems to work better than the ME stuff (well, it works, which the other didn’t). So far Dad hasn’t loaded much onto it, so it’s hard to tell, but it’s running smoothly and fast at the moment. As with all versions of Windows, I suspect the smoothness won’t last too long.

Now this computer (Mum’s) is playing big-time. Explorer is playing up all over the place. I can’t open My Computer, Windows Explorer, and sometimes even Internet Explorer won’t load. Booting in Safe Mode means that it all works, so it’s some bit of software that’s causing the problem, but who knows which bit? The only new thing on here is a USB keyboard… why would that have messed up explorer?! Does Windows need a reason?

Hadn’t really realised, but one of the things that I miss about Linux when I use Windows, is logs – Linux makes it easy to find logs, and useful error messages tend to be in them. Windows… things just freeze and don’t ever tell you why.

Hmm, well rant over for now. Off back to my lovely Linux machines at uni today… although one of them does seem to have decided to shut itself down, and Rob accidentally killed another one – maybe he’s responsible for both… I’ll blame him anyway.

Ho hum.

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